"Thanks to Melanie I finally got the job, with a promotion and a permanent contract! I couldn’t be more grateful."

Candidate Public Sector


"I had been looking for a job for a very long time. I had more than 15 interviews and didn't succeed in any of them. The multiple rejections had a negative impact on my performance at interviews and my overall wellbeing. Thanks to Melanie I built up my confidence to sell myself in my job interview. She carefully read my CV, helped me to highlight my strengths and key skills and articulate them to convey a meaningful message to the interviewers. Through her detailed and personalised tips to self reflect and mock interview practice I have improved my verbal and non verbal communication skills. Her support was extremely useful to set up clear goals and take a positive approach in these difficult times.


Melanie was flexible to accommodate the sessions at a suitable time, including evenings and weekends. Always approachable and efficient answering all my email queries swiftly.


Her guidance helped me rebuild my confidence, which was reflected in my job interview. Thanks to Melanie I finally got the job, with a promotion and a permanent contract! I couldn't be more grateful. Her support also enabled me to transfer my skills to multiple settings, and I have received feedback from people who commented on how confident I sound when talking in public now."

Career Development

"I would recommend you try Melanie before considering anyone else."

Candidate Financial Services


"My experience with Melanie exceeded my expectations. I had spoken to many different interview coaches, however, I am so glad I selected Melanie. The free 30 min consultation gave me an insight into Melanie's experience and I could see that she knew exactly what I was looking for. She was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Excellent at setting up presentations and giving back constructive feedback to get you ready for your interview. Melanie also does a lot of work outside of the coaching session answering queries in regard to interview preparation which I found saved me time and helped me prepare much better. I would recommend you try Melanie before considering anyone else. The service is great value for money!!!"

Career Development

"Melanie’s style and guidance made me feel at ease, and will significantly improve my chances of securing a great job."

 Graduate  Sustainability



“I worked with Melanie to enhance my CV and strengthen my job applications in a very tough market. She was great as a fresh pair of eyes and has invaluable knowledge of the recruitment process, really understanding what recruiters are looking for. With her help, I now feel far more confident in my abilities and understand the recruitment process better. I am a recent graduate and have had limited experience of job hunting and Melanie’s style and guidance made me feel at ease, and will significantly improve my chances of securing a great job. Melanie is very attentive and professional and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone looking to develop their career or change their path."

Career Development

"The real interview went far better than I could have hoped and I got the job!! "

 Graduate -  Clinical research


“I am a recent graduate and I had an upcoming interview for an amazing job opportunity, however, I have very limited experience with job interviews and I was extremely nervous. Melanie really took the time to work with me on my technique and build my confidence. She even rescheduled a session to a Sunday to ensure I'd be prepared for my interview the following day. We went through practise questions followed by personalised feedback and advice on how to answer. I was then able to use this advice in a final practice interview which left me feeling confident and prepared for the real thing. The real interview went far better than I could have hoped and I got the job!! This would not have been possible without Melanie's expertise and I am forever grateful. Thank you Melanie!"

Career Development

"Thank you Melanie for your help, it has been amazing."

 Candidate - Financial Services


“Thank you Melanie for your help, it has been amazing. I wasn’t aware how to position myself and my answers but you helped me to realise how this would be done. Your help towards analysing my answers has also been extremely helpful"

Career Development

"An excellent service, Melanie is very dedicated and interested in ensuring my success."

Promotion Candidate - Public Sector


“An excellent service, Melanie is very dedicated and interested in ensuring my success. For example, she was flexible and provided the sessions based on my need. I enjoyed working with Melanie she has given me more insight on how to answer interview questions which I found very useful and also gave me confidence. Thank you so much Melanie."

Career Development

"...exactly what I needed to revamp and improve my current CV and application letters."

Candidate - Financial Services 2020

"The help and assistance were exactly what I needed to revamp and improve my current CV and application letters. With Melanie's guidance, she made it clear what needed changing to cater specifically for roles that I would be applying for. It was clear that she dedicated a lot of her time to researching my background and previous employment to highlight areas which would attract the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. In doing so she has instilled much more confidence when I am applying to various roles and would highly recommend her to anyone who needs advice when looking for new job opportunities."

Career Development

"...Melanie’s feedback gave me an invaluable insight into how I was projecting myself…"

Hannah - Teacher 2020

"Despite receiving positive feedback, I had failed to secure a job after several interviews. I was clearly missing a trick, so called upon Melanie for help. Melanie put a huge amount of effort into researching the employer and reviewing my application and gave me very personalised guidance. My two mock interviews with her really boosted my confidence and thoroughly prepared me for a wide range of questions. Melanie’s feedback gave me an invaluable insight into how I was projecting myself, this really enabled me to make some adjustments and improve.  I would encourage anyone searching for a job to turn to Melanie - she is always prepared to go the extra mile."

Career Development

"The help I gained from Melanie was invaluable"

Tessa - Career Changer

"The help I gained from Melanie was invaluable. She is such a calm and friendly person, which in turn made me feel confident and relaxed in her presence. Her knowledge was crucial in helping update my CV, and critiquing my Cover Letter. I was proud to hand them in with my application once finished, and I have taken away a better understanding of how to structure both. I felt very confident walking in to my interview, and this was largely due to the mock interview Melanie ran through with me the day before.
I would highly recommend Go Further Goals, it was a great learning curve for me and I have gained so much! I have no hesitation in recommending Melanie to any business with Training or Human Resource needs."

Career Development

"I secured a post at my first interview"

Harriet - Graduate, Career Starter

I found the focus and support that Melanie gave me with the application and interview process very helpful, in fact I secured a post at my first interview!"

Career Development

"prepare for me personally"

Hannah - Graduate

"Melanie helped me prepare for a job interview. She was very encouraging and offered useful ideas and tips for answering the questions, particularly those I was less certain about. I was very impressed by how much background research she had done before our session to prepare for me personally. We also worked on how to present yourself with confidence by focusing on body language and voice projection. It was extremely useful and I felt much more confident after the session. Pleased to say the interview was successful! Melanie was very professional and I would highly recommend her services."

Career Development

"Truly professional"

Steve - Career Changer

"Looking for a new direction career wise, and trying to understand what new challenges I needed to meet, Melanie provided me with support and helped me develop a clearer understanding of my objectives. She was able offer guidance and assistance with my profile and C.V. being very constructive and concise in her manner. I am pleased to have already been able to recommend Melanie's services to a number friends and colleagues of mine and will have no hesitation in doing so further in the future. Truly professional, I need to say no more!" 

Career Development

"every goal has been met"

Alistair - Graduate

"From the beginning you helped to set out clear goals which would help my job hunt, looking back at these goals.... I can say that every goal has been met. The most beneficial part for me was to improve my interview skills, something which I felt hopeless about before we started but now feel much more confident about... "

Career Development


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